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Mini Springerdoodle Puppies Breeders: Springer Spaniel Poodle Mix

 Mini Springerdoodle Puppies Breeders: Springer Spaniel Poodle Mix

Mini Springerdoodle Puppies Breeders: Springer Spaniel Poodle Mix

What do you get when you cross the sporty English springer spaniel with the sassy poodle? The fun-loving springerdoodle! These hybrid dogs, which are often referred to as designer dogs, reflect the best traits of both parent breeds. Like springer spaniels, these dogs are active, energetic, loyal, and easy to train; like poodles, they are smart, fun-loving, and have a mischievous streak. Sproodles, as they are also called, are among the most popular of the 44 different types of poodle mixes affectionately known as “doodles.”

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Depending on the size of the parent poodle line, springerdoodles can be standard- or mini-sized. The breed is thought to have originated in the U.S. some time in the 1980s when hybrid dogs first became popular. The International Designer Canine Association first recognized the breed in 2009. If you’re looking for a pet that’s easygoing, intelligent and active, and that just loves being around people, the springerdoodle is your dog.

3 Pros and Cons of Owning Springerdoodle

Pros! Cons!

They’re sociable: They work and play well with others. They’ll hit it off as well with the letter carrier as they will with your children. These dogs are great for blended pet families, too, because they get along well with other canines and even with cats. They can be trained as therapy dogs. They’re bad watchdogs: A springerdoodle’s reaction when it sees a stranger will probably be to go up to that stranger, sniff his or her shoes, and wag its tail. They do not make good guard dogs.

They’re active: They love to exercise. If you’re someone who’s considering getting a dog because you know you need to be more active, a springerdoodle will turn spending time outside from a chore into a pleasure. They may have health issues: While hybrid vigor makes some designer dogs healthier than their breeding lines, others may not inherit the best genetic traits from their parents. If you are interested in owning a dog of this variety, it’s a good idea to make sure your pup is genetically tested to rule out the development of serious health issues down the line.

They’re hypoallergenic: One of the reasons for the increasing popularity of poodles and poodle mixes is that poodles shed less hair and dander than other dogs, so they are frequently described as hypoallergenic. If your pet inherits a non-shedding coat from its parent poodle line, then it’s likely to be hypoallergenic, too. They’re expensive: As these dogs are a relatively new mix, there are no rescue groups. If you want a springerdoodle, you’ll have to raise one from a pup. Responsible breeders put a lot of time and money into finding good breeding stock, providing quality vet care, performing genetic testing, and socializing puppies. That effort is reflected in their costs.

tan springerpoodle laying down

One of the reasons for the increasing popularity of poodles and poodle mixes is that poodles shed less hair and dander than other dogs, so they are frequently described as hypoallergenic.

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Springerdoodle vs. Goldendoodle

Another poodle hybrid called the goldendoodle shares the springerdoodle’s pleasant temperament. Goldendoodles are a mix of poodle and golden retriever lines. Both breeds are cheerful, outgoing animals who are rarely aggressive and who make great companions for young and old alike.

They both a double-layer coat composed of wavy, dense fur that sheds minimally. Both breeds come in a spectrum of colors that range from white through cream, apricot and brown to black though on the whole, goldies are lighter in color than sproodles. Like springerdoodles, goldies range in size from mini to standard, depending upon the size of the poodle bred to the golden retriever; but even as golden retrievers are larger than springer spaniels, so the typical goldie tends to be larger than the typical springerdoodle.

Springerdoodle Size and Weight

Springerdoodle size depends upon the size of the poodle line from which it was bred. Standard sproodles can weigh anywhere from 30 to 60 pounds and stand up to 24 inches in height. Mini springerdoodles weigh between 5 and 25 pounds, and are 10 to 15 inches tall. They will typically reach their full grown weight and height by 18 months of age. Females are slightly smaller than males.

Health and Entertainment for your Springerdoodle

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Height (Male): Variable, but up to 24” tall

Height (Female): Variable, but up to 22” tall

Weight (Male): Variable, but up to 60 pounds

Weight (Female): Variable, but up to 55 pounds

Springerdoodle Common Health Issues

In general, the springerdoodle is a hardy dog. However, springerdoodles can be susceptible to all the health conditions that affect their parent breeds, particularly if the parent stock was highly inbred. That means your sproodle may be at risk for developing hip dysplasia, progressive retinal apathy, Addison’s disease and thyroid issues. If at all possible, it’s advisable to do genetic testing on any puppy you’re interested in buying before you take it home. Regular vet visits throughout your dog’s lifespan should also help keep health conditions under control.

Springerdoodle Temperament


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