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Teacup Corgipoo Puppies Breeder: Corgi Poodle Mix

 Teacup Corgipoo Puppies Breeder: Corgi Poodle Mix

Corgipoos are hybrids of Welch Corgis and Poodles. It’s a more modern type of dog, and even though there aren’t any standards available, poodles are popular choices for hybrids. It’s possible to find a lot of information on this type of mix and you should know the character traits and histories of the parent breeds so that you understand the hybrid’s possible traits and dispositions of Corgipoos.

Miniature Poodles and Welsh Corgis are both often hard to find, so that is why Corgipoos are so popular. If you are interested in this hybrid dog, we’re going to give you the information to help you decide if this dog is right for you.Divider 1

Corgipoo Puppies – Before You Buy…


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The parent breeds of the Corgipoo | Left: Welsh Corgi, Right: Poodle





Cogipoos as puppies are adorable and unique, and a lot of pet owners let them get away with just about anything. But you shouldn’t let them do this. They are going to try to be the pack leader, even when they are puppies. That’s why it’s important to start socialization and training as soon as possible.

Corgipoo Price

Since Miniature Poodles are expensive dogs, you will pay a minimum of $1,000 for your Corgipoo. Since these dogs are a more popular and recent hybrid, this price will vary depending on the breeder. When you are looking for your breeder, look for one that has reviews online and see if you can contact their former clients.

When choosing a breeder, they should be willing to let you meet the parents or the mother at a minimum. The place should be clean, and the dogs should be happy, healthy, and friendly. The breeder should also be willing to answer your questions and give you information about the parents.

You should also expect to be questioned by the breeder. Ideally, they should ask you for veterinary references. This will show that they care about the puppies and that they aren’t doing it to make money.Divider 8

3 Little-known facts about Corgipoo puppies

1.All of the puppies might look alike, but the puppies’ character traits are going to vary significantly based on the dog from which they received their genes.

2.Miniature poodles are ancestors of Corgipoos, and they don’t come to America until following WWII. However, it’s now used for popular hybrid breeding

3.Corgipoos are very positive and cheerful dogs.

Parents of Corgipoo

The parent breeds of the Corgipoo | Left: Welsh Corgi, Right: Poodle


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